Show Reel 2011

mardi 23 août 2011

International Organization of Stand Up Paddling

"Be a pioneer and make history in your country!"

The International Organization Stand Up Paddle, handled by Fernando LABAD and Guillermo PENA, is an exceptional way to learn how to spread a common passion and how to give values to your pupils.

Based on an experienced, Fernando and Guillermo give you the tools to better know about yourself and your skills. Through these lessons you will find your way to teach SUP.

They are truly good persons and will change your front vision to a 360° vision to better understand where you are and where SUP practicers should look. 

Have fun on your SUP,


Brand new website

Hi everybody,
we just launched our brand new website:

Designed by,

You will find the latest news, an overview, a media part and a event part which is completely new.

Have a look and enjoy it.


mardi 26 juillet 2011

Buffalo Session/Harakiri DVD

Unfortunately we couldn't make it in 2011 so here's the 3 minutes part of our shooting session in Spain. The Harakiri Crew joined us and enjoyed a 100 feet long perfect jump, a 100 long step down and a wall ride.

Thanks to Harakiri production we share this DVD part, it was broadcasting with the european snowboarding magazine Onboard (70 000 ex).

Keep In Mind

lundi 11 juillet 2011

2011 winter season with the Rip Curl Girls Team.

We are already thinking about what we are going to film next season but for now here's the 4 podcasts that we broadcasted along the past season.

Enjoy it.

"Un altro Giorno in la vita di: Lugano" #1

Lugano "Un altro giorno: Estival Jazz 2011". par KIM-MULTIMEDIAS
Lugano Estival Jazz is the premier musical event in Southern Switzerland (Canton Ticino).
Set in the heart of Lugano, in the beautiful 19th century Piazza della Riforma, and in the surrounding town of Mendrisio in star architect Mario Botta's "Piazzale alla Valle", Lugano Estival Jazz attracts thousands of Jazz and World Music fans each year.

Lugano Estival Jazz is promoted by local music loving citizens and funded with private and some public money. All concerts are


I wanted to share this event through 2 tourists who enjoyed the Lugano's lake side with their friends.

Enjoy it.

mercredi 6 juillet 2011

Looking for a snowboarding brand who wants to shoot something special!

In 2010, we built a 100 feet long jump in Spain for several action sports industry such as Nike 6.0, Rip Curl..relayed by Transworld Snowboarding it made us proud of it.

In 2011 conditions weren't there and the project failed down.

In 2012 we are starting to get in touch with different ski resorts to bring high level snowboarders in their area building huge features to make ads.

Today we are sharing what we did in 2010, 

enjoy it.

mardi 3 mai 2011

Sharing our last film production.

Winter is ending and except one more Rip Curl Girls Team Podcast, that I'm working on, I'm not going to shoot anymore snowboarding stuffs until next season.

Even if this video have been broadcasted since beginning of april 2011, I wanted to share it once again on my blog because we were a lot to work on it and I wanted to give a special thanks to those friends who worked with me on this video.
Thank you Mathias, Yves, Bizmut, Richard, Aulne and Thomas.

If you are snowboarders you should know the Poney Session which is the funniest 4 stars TTR contest in Europe. Mathieu CREPEL won it and get the 2011 Poney Title.

Enjoy it.